Monday, May 19, 2008

The Makeup Show NY

Yesterday I attended a preview of The Makeup Show in NY. What an event. It's all makeup, all the time. and I loved it. We were able to meet makeup artists and try out some of the products and learn much about the companies and lines there. I will have product info from several as the week goes on.

First up we met James Vincent , super makeup artist , fun guy, and part of The Powder Group, who put on this show.

One of the things he was asked about were upcoming trends.. Right now, Hi Def makeup is the buzzword, and makeup is changing in many ways to accomadate Hi Def filming. He also sees us staying with a more natural, neutral, and continuing to have great skin be the focal point.

James also mentioned that makeup artists have been trying to bring back the matte lip for 5 years, and it just isn't flying. I can see that. Personally, while I love lipstick, I am not sold on the matte lip again either. The semi matte one , yes,but I only go total matte on rare occasions.

One product that caught my eye was the super cool brush by Nixie cosmetics. Made for makeup artists and sold in salons and makeup supply shops, the brand is cruelty free( yay) and also available on their website.

This brush is the large fan brush, and it is huge, ( guessing around 3 1/2 inches). Soft as could be and well, I have to have it. It's great for blending, and powdering and bronzing.

$ 32.00 at

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