Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Met Costume Institute Gala Red Carpet

The pictures are coming in from the Met Museum's huge shindig last night. Co Chairs were George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Julia was dressed by Armani, and can I say she hasn't looked this good in a long, long time. Great dress, great everything.

Gisele Bundchen- Not loving Gisele's dress at all. Maybe a bit too revealing? Otherwise, though , she looks radiant. This is going to be a real love it or hate it.

Claire Danes- working a new look for her, and I am not sure. I do sort of like the makeup though. It is far more mature than we normally see her. She looks very sleek.

Katie Holmes: She usually looks so nice. This time she took the Super Heroes theme too far with her red dress and blue shoes. Is she wearing red all around her eyes

Victoria Beckham- Wow, she looks grown up, and nice. A great look for her and a new one. Who would pick her as a best dressed, but there she is.

Kate Bosworth, Kimora Lee Simmons, both just a miss /mess.

Scarlett Johannsen- looks like she wore the undergarments from her upcoming wedding gown, or was headed to the ballet instead. And such messy hair.

David Bowie and Iman- Now there's a stunning couple. Just fab.

Melania Trump- saw her preview this Vera Wang on an entertainment show. She could have done much better, and has.

Fergie- the first person to have black un -slim her. yikes.


theminx said...

I think Posh looks like she's wearing her bathrobe. Kimora Lee Simmons is a trainwreck, but I like Kate Bosworth's dress. It's just not fancy enough. Melania Tramp...I mean Trump...looks like the cheap ho she is.

And the blue shoes are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on Julia Roberts. Not since her Valentino at the Oscars the year she won has she really looked standout amazing - and yet for one of the first times, we see her looking very Old Hollywood and vintage which really DOES work for her. She should go there more often.

With Posh, I think I'd have to see it in person. It raises an interesting point, though. This is the Costume Institute Gala - its all about the couture. But what role does photography play in it? Do these stars choose their dresses thinking "this will photograph really well" or do they choose it because it really is a fantastic work of art. Or is it both?

And Anna Wintour, for ONCE, did not bore us. Its just that what she chose wasn't exactly great. But it certainly WAS something new and different and unique, thank God.