Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sephora Flashy Eyeliner Waterproof

I love eyeliners. I have a whole container just for them . Mostly colored ones. Not only because I love the colors, but they smudge less. Finding a smudge or fade free liner is always top of the list. There are some good ones but the best so far I have bought is Sephora's Flashy Waterproof.

It truly lasts all day. My eyeshadow may wear off , but that liner is still there. I have it in Flashy Brown which is really a very deep copper unlike the Copper one which is more gold. I love the color, and the soft texture. Better yet, it's only $ 8.00.

The Flashy liner comes in pink, silver, mauve,orange, teal, turquoise as well as black.

I just made my friends and family order. Now I wish I added some of these to it. I  have the best color though. That's good for now.


GablesGirl said...

It doesn't even creep downward from your eye cream?! That is my biggest problem. Just a slight grey creep about a 1/4" below my eye from (I think) a mix of 'scara and liner. Argh! Molly

Beauty Alchemist said...

No it doesn't, but then I don't use much . if any, eyecream in the mornings. I do have super oily eyelids though. It seems to hold up well even with the oil. Not perfect alll the time, but most of it.

try Cover Girl mascaras for super no smudging. Them and new EL Turbolash hold all day on me.
Lancome Definicils does pretty well too.

Beauty Alchemist said...

GablesGirl- I forgot- the new L'oreal beauty tubes mascara. awesome. try that too. review was last week i think.

Anonymous said...

It's great!! I too love to use waterproof eyeliner...