Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lady Caron

Anytime is a good time for Lady Caron perfume, but the 4th of July holiday seems even more so.

This gorgeous white floral bouquet was conceived originally as a tribute to America, the land that took in Mr. Ernest Daltroff, founder of Caron , during World War II in 1939.
He wanted to creat a tribute perfume. The inspiration was there but it wasn't until 2000 that the new owners of the company finally created the fragrance.

The bottle is decorated with a bas relief of the Statue of Liberty . As I said it's very much a white floral but has hints of oakmoss in there as well. It's not heady but not shy either.It blooms on the skin and is simply elegant.

The staying power is excellent and this has long been a favorite of mine. I was turned onto it by the lovely Cavewoman who writes occasionally for Blogdorf Goodman. She graciously sent me a sample and I've been a fan ever since.
Notes are :


Lady Caron is available at many online outlets , Saks and Nordstrom stores as well as the Caron boutique in NY (1-877-88CARON )

Prices are :EDT 50 ml $95 / EDT 100ml $130 / Pure Perfume Extract: $180/ EDT Galuchat: $85

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