Monday, June 29, 2009

YSL Water Resistant Cream Eye Shadow

This summer season has brought a few new creme eyehshadows out. All long wearing and I have had success with most of them , but the new YSL- well it wears almost like glue.

Shimmery, very creamy( a thin cream) this gives major pigment and major last. I have it in shade 2 , Amethyst Grey ( the one shown). The dark brown shade is in my future. Brown is a staple for me and to have one that will last all day would be major. It doesn't hurt that the packaging here is so pretty as well. A little YSL golden cube.

If you need a shadow that will hold up to heat,humidity and perhaps even the pool ( mine made it partially thru a shower) than this is one to try.

YSL Water Resistant Eye Shadow sells for $ 28.50

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