Thursday, June 11, 2009

L'Oreal HIP Eye Kohls

L'Oreal HIP Eye Kohls are the bomb.
I didn't know what to expect with them , but it's love.

Best feature- the point. The point on the end of the wand is major. It's sharp and super hard so it makes applying easy. No dragging , no smudging, pulling. Just lay that baby lightly across your eye and you've got it. Sometimes eye brushes are just not hard enough to get that point, even hard edged ones, This elimates that need.

I've been using the Gold color which is fab. It's a dark gold so it shows up against neutrals. I blend in more sometimes and just use it as an eyeshadow as well. Theres a bit of shimmer and only a little fall out.

There are 4 other colors , all darker shades, available and I am thinking about getting the teal and brown shades.

Plus it has the hole at the cap, and I keep thinking- I can add that to my keychain. Thats such a girl thing to do, but for travel I just might do it. After all I already have a lipgloss on there.

Also fairly new are the HIP Color Presso Lip Glosses. I saw these in early winter and thought the packaging was fun. It's flat so tucks in a pocket very easily.

Each gloss set has two complimentary colors to mix and blend. The smell like vanilla cookies and have a nice , creamy texture. It can be a bit hard to squeeze them out and to get both at same time, but overall they are pretty nice.

I'm enjoying exploring the HIP line which I have to say I haven't used much of in the past.

All L'Oreal HIP items are available at all mass market outlets.