Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DKNY Delicious Candy Apples

DKNY's new Delicious Candy Apples fragrances are a sweet treat with no calories. These fun apple bottles even have their very own stick. There are 3 scents- Ripe Raspberry, Juicy Berry and Sweet Caramel.

Sweet Caramel- This reminded me a lot of the original Be Delicious. I didn't detect too much caramel, but if you love the originals and more aquatic florals, then this one will be for you.

Juicy Berry- This one was a surprise. I often don't like blackberry notes but this turned out to be a fun, fruity burst of berry. Black currant is also in there as well as lychee, so this one is a fruit salad of a scent. It may have a purple bottle but it bears little in common with De Delicious Night, also a blackberry based scent. That one was more gourmand and musky.

Ripe Raspberry- Not as raspberry as you'd think ( and I'm not a fan of raspberry either ). Lots of watery floral notes here and apple. Notes list lime and a cola accord. Not smelling those much but there is a hint of something sort of 7Up-ish that might be that cola note. Plenty of light woods in the drydown , and this ends up being a soft scent .

The Juicy Berry is my pick here. It was the least floral of the 3 and the most different from what the earlier ones smell like. I can't say enough about how cute the bottles are. Worth having one for that alone.

These hit Sephora.com & Sephora stores exclusively in January and are at http://www.dkny.com/ .

Retail is $ 55.00 for each 1.7 oz bottle.

*press sample


Megan said...

i completely adore Be Delicious. I can't wait to pick up the candy apple set!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Be Delicious is such a popular one. If you love it, you should love these. Let me know .