Friday, December 18, 2009

Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Antiwrinkle Day Cream SPF 10

Korres in general makes some nice products. Like many I love their bath products. I had never tried any of the skincare before. They've recently launched 2 new products under the Quercetin & Oak line-a night cream and day cream with SPF.

I am familar with quercetin as an herbal ingredient, it's made up one of the best natural allergy fighting vitamins I've used. What it does exactly, I can't say. However Korres has put a lot of research into this line, which is what got my attention .

According to the company: "The Quercetin & Oak collection is the result of a five-year study on aging at a cellular level, which found that Oak-derived Quercetin naturally boosts cell regeneration to combat all signs of aging. The outcome of the Nobel Award-winning study has undergone high-scrutiny independent testing, confirming that the new patent-pending line really delivers when compared to existing, conventional formulas."

That sounds good , right ? So I tried the day cream . Happy to see that it came in a combination skin version as well as normal. Now I don't have many lines thankfully, so I can't attest to the wrinkle fighting too much but I can say that for oily skin this is a great moisturizer/sun protection product.

The day cream comes out of the pump in fairly heavy lotion but it is not heavy at all on skin. Once you rub it in a bit, you feel as if nothing is on your skin. It leaves little moisture. Just enough for the really oily skinned. Then you get your needed SPF without greasiness and antiaging ingredients as well. I like that I can fight lines, have SPF with such a light lotion.

There is no scent either. In winter I actually will need something heavier, but for warmer weather this is great.

The day and night creams are at Sephora, and where they have a lot more info on the ingredients and even a video.

1.69 0z for $ 48.00

*press sample

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