Monday, December 28, 2009

To Gild the Lilly

New in MAC Lillyland collection are glittery lip gellees. If you like sparkle and bling, these are Swarovski for your lips. I think maybe more so than Dazzleglass. I know I like them better than Dazzleglass. No grit feeling in these, just intense glitter and a creamy like consistency.

The pigment here is strong as is the coverage. They moisturize nicely as well.

I fell in immediate love. I own the two shown, but think I also need to add the pink-yellow-coral one called Lush & Bright.

Shown are : Resort Life( Off white w/pink pearl) and Shift to Pink ( Light violet w/ silver pearl)

On counter Jan.7

Retail is $ 14.00

* press sample


Katherine said...

Those are really pretty! I'm not really a fan of Dazzleglasses either--they're more expensive but a little gritty. These Lipgelees look just as shiny. Thanks for the swatches

Beauty Alchemist said...

They are so shiny with lots of non gritty glitter. Hope you love them.