Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chanel New Ultra Correction Lift for Eyes & Lips

The Chanel Ultra Correction Lift line has been a favorite of mine and the company adds to it occasionally. Newest are Ultra Correction Lift Total Eye Lift and Ultra Correction Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle- Lips and Contour.

Both products have Chanel's "key" ingredient, elemi PFA, which "delivers concentrated power to the eye or lip area for targeted firming and lifting action and activates Tensin, a natural protein .The eye version also has a "complex containing escin (a molecule extracted from Horse Chestnut) provides immediate concentrated action on puffiness and dark circles" (elemi PFA is a patent pending active ingredient exclusive to Chanel. The website has extensive details of the scientific particulars)

The lip version has as well as the elemi PFA, Hilurlip a(micronized hyaluronic acid).Both are oil and fragrance free.

The Total Eye Lift moisturizes nicely, but is not heavy or greasy. It works well under makeup. It smooths, gives a firming feel and feels wonderful on . I have only been using for 2 weeks, so longer testing will show how much actual lifting happens but so far it's working nicely.

The Lift Plumping Anti-Wrinkle- Lips and Contour is an unusual product. I don't think I have ever tried a lip treatment before . This is a cream but when applied to the lips it dries down to a soft matte finish. It feels a little powdery on, but also adds a bit of moisture. It makes a nice base for lipstick/gloss .If you have lip area issues or want to prevent them ( if you are a smoker, you need this help especially) then this might be one to try. I can honestly say I am on the fence with it. I like but find the feel a bit odd. Maybe better in summer when my lips aren't chapped. I do intend to keep using it though, but maybe not every day.

These will be on couners shortly and are pre order at the moment I believe.

Ultra Correction Lift Total Eye Lift- .05 oz. $100.00
Ultra Correction Plumping Anti-Wrinkle – Lips and Contour- .05 oz. $85.00

*press sample


Beth said...

My first thought was it seems a little on the high side but who am I kidding? I try all of the new products! lol

I really like how you added a picture of the cream itself. Too many people just throw up a stock photo of the jar.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks for the input Beth. It just seemed like a good idea to do the cream itself. I thought, why not ?

the movie mommy said...

anyway to help my eyes NOT make me look my age is a plus!

Jessica said...

I agree that the lip product feels much dryer than you would anticipate, being a cream. But I just got 'Hydramax + Active Lip Care' to put on top of it and the two work very well together. This is much smoother like a balm (at the very least, it lets you rub your lips together). Together, they make your lips feel super soft!

Beauty Alchemist said...

Jessica- I have the HydraMax as well and do like that better. The two would be a good combo. Thanks for sharing.