Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MAC Studio Fix Lash

I've been using the line for over 15 years and can't can't recall the last time a MAC product disappointed me. Perhaps not ever. But I have never had much luck with their mascaras. Mostly because like so many , they smudge on me. Zoom and Plush Lash would be great if not for that. It's not them, it's more me.

New Studio Fix Lash is just so basic . Now basic is not what I think of with MAC . It has the newer plastic/rubber wand but simply lengthens a little bit , defines a little and thats it. No volume, no boost, no curl, no big lashes. MAC says it is the mascara that "kills clumps" and "separates". OK, it does do that. I can say I didn't have any clumping. So it does do what it does well. It also didn't smudge on me.

If any of you have tried it I'd be interested in what you thought. I know one other person who had the same thoughts as me after using it.

*press sample

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