Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Olay Body Quench Advanced Healing Lotion

The past few weeks brought deeply cold winter winds to most of the country, even Florida had snow. These are the temps that test our skin. A good lotion is needed.

Olay Body Quench Advanced Healing Body Lotion is the newest, ultra- hydrating lotion from Olay. This one is said to bring 24 hr. moisture and to help heal skin's moisture barrier over time.

Now 24 hours is a lot to ask, but the better ones will last long. This lotion does last and moisturizes long. It's very thick but doesn't go on greasy or heavy. It sinks in fast but works.

The lotion is fragrance free and has Vitamin E and Vita Niacin.

By the way, Olay has a test you can use on both skin and hair for dryness "Put a water droplet on skin or hair. If the droplet stays intact, it is a signal that your skin or hair is moisturized. If the droplet soaks up, it’s a sign that you need protection and nourishment "

*press sample

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the movie mommy said...

The Olay quench line is terrific! I totally recommend it! My skin is like a shedding snake in the winter. I mean horrible! I can hardly shave my legs. But after using quench for several weeks I see a difference. Not a cure...but a regular use of it really helped!