Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunscreen Safety Article

There's been a lot of new information coming about sunscreens and their safety. It's all a little confusing, and a little worrisome. Rather than me try to make sense of the data for you , The Philadelphia Inquirer had a great column Monday that really disseminated a lot of the information. Worth a read if you have a minute.

But before you click away , my own addendum: With these findings, it makes me ask again , why has it been made so hard for sunscreens to use Mexoryl here ? We finally have one type available in some high end brands , but the second isn't approved. Europe has pretty high standards and as far as I know both Mexoryls have a solid track record, and they work better than anything else( this I can attest to) . If some that have been FDA approved all these years now show even the smallest possibility of being bad, then having both Mexoryls in the US should be considered more seriously. Personally I am not waiting for more info . I am weeding out the ones who have the potentially offending ingredient- oxybenzone. I am using these less often, and reading labels more. I am no expert by far, and this could all be no big deal . Hopefully it isn't.

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