Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Gets Married

Last Saturday was one of the bigger Royal weddings in some time. That of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her commoner fiance Daniel Westling. It's said that the bride worked hard to be allowed to marry her choice . She finally got her wish after 8 years of dating.

I am an unabashed royal follower, so I was awaiting this day since the date had been announced. It figures my computer would be down then . There were few images on the net early and via my phone but ABC World News did a feature, bless them.

When I got back online a first stop was the wedding pictures and stories .

HRH Victoria looked like one of the happiest brides I have ever seen . A huge ,radiant smile throughout. I thought her gown was a bit plain, but all the Scandinavian royal brides have gone that route it seems. The 16.5 ft.train was beautiful and her crown was a WOW. It has large cameos on top and is such a stunner that the plainer gown works.

Her mother Queen Silvia wore a huge, tall diamond crown called the Braganca Tiara. For the weddings, they open the vaults.
Most of the main royals of Europe attended . In this group are ladies who usually get the style thing down well. Somehow, perhaps in a bid to not upstage the bride, most didn't do so well on Saturday.

Crown Princesses Mary of Denmark and Mette Marit of Norway usually are two of the chicest ladies. Mary's light green was simply ok. Mette Marit's ruffles were not the best. The brides sister Princess Madeline went for ruffles as well. At least the shades of blue both wore were lovely and suited them. Now the day before at the pre- wedding gala , all the ladies hit it out of the park.

Queen Rania of Jordan was sleek and chic as always in a bright purple . Crown Princess Letizia of Spain had a gorgeous gown, but do you see her arms ? She is scary, worrisome skinny.

Sophie , Countess of Wessex went for understated but elegant and did it well. This is pretty much her normal go to look. She knows what works for her.

3 cheers for the royal bride. I wish them to be as happy always as their wedding day.

All images: and Hello.

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