Monday, June 28, 2010

A Visit To Phyto Universe in NYC

Phyto haircare has a very special space in Manhattan that you may not have heard of. It's called Phyto Universe and is one of the more serene places in the bustling city.

Phyto Universe showcases , naturally, all Phyto products but while not a salon, also does hair treaments , scalp and hair diagnoses as well as Lierac skincare facials. On the glam side, the space is also home to the small but gorgeous Caron perfume boutique.

The highlight for me is the living plant wall. It took my second visit there to get up close and really see this wall. It is 3,000 sq.ft and is indeed a large wall of living plants. Specially designed for the space , the plants are sort of tucked into a material in the wall and a misting system keeps them hydrated. It's really stunning and I want a smaller version of my own.

The treament rooms are on the spacious but have a spare almost Nordic look. The wood doors are reclaimed from a 14th century Chateau. Lierac now has it's own room for face and body treatments.

The Caron boutique is tucked in a corner and is the one place where you can get all the urn parfums bottled to order as well as buy most any Caron item. Powder puffs, face powder and all manner of scent. Standing under the chandelier looking at the Baccarat urns, for a moment you feel transported to Europe.

Phyto Universe is located at 59th and Lexington ( Mere blocks from Bloomingdales). There is a side door you need to go to for entry. If you look up when at that corner, you can see the plant wall several stories up.

All images: The Beauty Alchemist

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