Friday, November 26, 2010

Andrew Weil for Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum

Origins has tackled the difficult problems of red , irritated skin with their Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum.

Among the ingredients to help deal with inflammation ,  per Origins, are " scientifically-proven anti-irritant ingredients such as Chaga Mushroom, Pleurotus Mushroom, Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn, Spike Moss and Mangifera Leaf Extract"   It also works to strengthen skin.

 I have a dear friend( The Movie Mommy) who suffers with highly reactive red skin so I  gave her this to test and hopefully help her skin some. She told me she has never really had her skin diagnosed but feels it is eczema or rosecea of some kind.   She says "With nothing on my face it becomes painfully dry and then actually oozes. I never wanted to go through the stuff at a dermatologist (like a biopsy!) to find out the real cause. " She has good luck with it and I am glad she has found something that has begun to help .

After more than  2 months of use here is what she wrote me about the serum:
"After my skin got over the initial shock of something
seemed to be just fine. My skin color became more even and remains so. "

"Now that winter is here, climate change and heaters are skin is dry. Even with the serum my face will still be dry BUT not painfully dry like before. I use  a  moisturizer or body butter . A few applications of the moisturizer and my face feels fine."( Ed. note, yes she uses body products on her face. Odd, but it works for her).

"I do still get the monthly little breakouts but they appear to be not as bad as before the serum. Just little quick blemishes that go as quickly as they came. "

She also says a little goes a long way and I can concur on this from my brief test of it. I also found  it was very ( too) moisturizing on my oilier skin.

Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum is available wherever Origins is sold and at and is $ 66.00 for 1.7 oz.

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Sophia said...

Really interesting! I've never heard of a facial serum with mushroom before, but I guess it kind of makes sense. I'm glad this worked for your friend!