Monday, November 22, 2010

Balenciaga Purse Spray

The new purse spray from Balenciaga seemed a good idea when I first saw images of it.   It's part of the line called  Balenciaga Black and White .  What I didn't know is that  it's really a set almost. The spray comes with 2 refills as well as being filled itself.  Each refill is .5 oz EDP.

 Then there is the  case. No little plastic thing. It's heavy and feels like marble glass but is actually made of what is called Zamak, which sounds like a character from Stargate.  It's substantial , weighty and tough.

  The Black and White collection also has a Black Body Scrub and  a Body Lotion infused with shea butter as well as the pretty woodsy -violet based Balenciaga scent.

-Perfumed Body Cream 150ml/5oz  $95
-Black Scrub 150ml/5oz  $95
-Purse Spray 15ml  $95
-Purse Spray Refills 3 x 0.5 oz  $80

All are available at Neimans , Nordstrom,  Bergdorfs.  You know, the usual suspects.

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kitty said...

That are some awesome crazy, so I crave one