Monday, November 29, 2010

Clarins Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15

    Clarins newest foundation ( after the fabulous Everlasting from earlier this year) is Extra- Firming Foundation with SPF15. Both for,ulas get the thimbs way up . Extra Firming is more dewy/sation where Everlasting was matte.

Extra-Firming is medium to full coverage and really covers well. Skin looks smooth, more even and even a  little bit tighter. It created a beautiful canvas and feels good on .  It's  hydrating but not heavy with the company's plant based , time released micro patch formula .

Other skin helping ingredients:

-Oat Sugar extract contains natural skin tightening benefits by forming an invisible and flexible veil on skin.

-Greater Plantain offers anti-aging benefits and helps minimize appearance of dark spots.

- Light Optimizing Complex with refelcting microspheres.

Available now  for $ 42.00 for the  pump bottle at all Clarins locations.

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