Monday, July 18, 2011

L'Oreal Age Perfect Golden Balm Eye Cream

In the past as much as I have liked many L'Oreal cosmetics (mainly foundation and mascara ) I never really went for any of their skincare.  New this month  are two products called Golden Balms. When I tried the Golden Balm for eyes, I went for it in a big way.

Part of the Age Perfect group, Golden Balm for eyes is an incredibly creamy and soothing eye cream. It's like butter for your eyes. Just the kind I like for my dry  eye area, especially  for nightime use. A little goes a long way and it sinks into skin  but is very moisturizing . The moisture lasts  too.

Now  the packaging says it for "mature" and  thinning skin . I am neither of those ( Age Perfect is  their more mature over 50 line) . When it comes to  eye cream , the richer the better no matter what the supposed age range is. Now the corresponding face cream Golden Balm would be way too much for my face but  it's is also another super creamy, smooth cream.  In other words, use what works for you.

So bottom line, for the first time I am really impressed with a L'Oreal skincare product.

Golden Balm uses many essential oils  including Apricot Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Passionfruit Seed Oil .

It also has Shea Butter ,  Calcium  and Caffiene and is meant to not only moisturize but de-puff  and help with circles.

L'Oreal Age Perfect Golden Balm Eye Cream is available now and retail is $ 19.99


Christina said...

Do you think this would a good eye cream for someone in their mid-20s? I always worry about using stuff that's too strong before I need it, but I have some circles under my eyes and a little bit of sleepy lines always there...

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Christina,
I wouldn't say this is too strong for you( it doesn't have retinols etc.) but it most likely more than you need at your age. You're ready for a "starter" cream or even a cream- gel. MAC has a new Mineralize Charged Water eye cream that is nice. It's a lightly moisturizing creamy gel and is supposed to help with puffiness etc. I have only used it briefly so far so I don't have too much input .

Also a longtime fav has been Clinique All About Eyes. It addresses all the things you mentioned and I think is one of the best all around creams out there.

Lastly- L'Oreal has Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Duo. Don't let the name fool you. it's not that strong but .. it does have low retinol on the PM end. What's nice is that the AM end has SPF. Both are lightweight and I didn't notice loads of smoothing with it but it helped just a little. I am older than you, and this is exactly what I mean by starter eye cream. It's good for someone 20s - early 30s.

Hope that helps. Please stop back and let me know what you used, if you try one and if it helped.

Faye @ Best Eye Cream said...

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