Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MAC Opulash Optimum Black

Opulash is my favorite MAC mascara. Mostly because it lasts-and lasts and lasts. 8AM  to Midnight and it will never run or smudge on me ( rarer than seeing a meteor shower).  It also does a good job of lengthening and volumizing.

Now there is Opulash Optimum Black. What's the difference ? First up the formula.  The original Opulash was a thick formula and needed wiping before using and sometimes gave me clumps.   New Optimum Black seems to be just a little bit thinner  and therefore goes on much easier right out of the tube. It defines lashes better, adds some curl and I think is giving me more length and volume. It still has the all day wear  thanks to  a "blend of silica plates of mica and natural kaolin to thicken and grab each lash " and the wand/brush seems to be the same as the original. The shade of black is also the same very deep black .

 Verdict- The new Opulash Optimum Black is even better than Opulash. If you liked the former,  you might need to try the latter.

On counter August 25 and permanent .
$ 15.00

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