Thursday, July 14, 2011

Talbots Fall/Holiday Preview 2011

Yesterday I got a look at what's coming for fall and holiday from Talbots. There were so many pretty and simply perfect items.  What I fell most in love with ,but didn't snap a picture of,  was a leopard print trench coat. It's a muted leopard, not quite as bold as some which makes it all the more wearable.  That went to the top of my wish list.

There are lots of brights- pink, green and royal blue, as well as sequin evening pieces, incredibly cozy looking sweaters and slightly rugged leather bags . Different than we usually see at Talbots but oh so nice  and there is new loungewear as well. The grey lounge vest shown is  second on my wish list . I can envision wearing that all fall into winter with a good book in my hand next to the fireplace.

I have a few price points on what's pictured but not all. These items will be in stores this fall and  holiday season so make a note to look for them then.

Felt Handbag Tote - $ 99.00 ( Comes in several colors)

Leopard print weekly planner - $ 69.00 ( iPad  and iPhone cases also available)

Houndstooth Ball Skirt - $ 199.00


Poppy B. said...

Wait a minute--are you saying that the Talbots will be selling a leopard print iPad case???

Sheesh! If this doesn't send their stock soaring, I don't know what will.

I'm definitely going to buy one!

Beauty Alchemist said...

They indeed will. It's very nice. There are silver metallic ones too. They are holiday so not out until November I beleive.

chatchien said...

I really like Talbots as a clothing store. Their clothes have colors which is more than you can say for Ann Taylor's or Eileen Fisher's black and gray monotones.

Thanks for the preview.