Wednesday, January 18, 2012

L'Oreal EverCreme Collection- Shampoo/Conditioner

Winter seems to be drying my hair . I'm not used to that, it gets dry occasionally but not very often.  It's longer now and colder out so there is a difference. I have a lot of great shampoos and conditioners handy but not too many with deep moisture. More like average moisture , which had been fine.

Noting my drier hair , when the chance came to try L'Oreal's new EverCreme collection, I took it. I had used the original EverPure when it first came out and wasn't that impressed .
New EverCreme on the other hand has me very impressed. It worked really well. My hair was soft, conditioned , even the ends, and still had body . It looked much better. No flyaways etc.

EverCreme is sulfate free and also wax free.  Like all sulfate free lines it lathers but only a little.  Hair gets cleaned but not stripped .

I am using the Nourishing shampoo , conditioner and leave in spray. I love a good leave in but am fussy about them. EverCreme didn't weight hair down or make it over moisturized but left it well conditioned and looking  healthy.  My hair despite being drier than normal tends towards oily and the wrong  leave in products  will make it greasy fast.

Key ingredients of the line are Camelia oil, Apricot Oil and Grapeseed oil.

There are 7 products in all in the EverCreme line including a "First to Mass Market" Cleansing Conditioner.  There are 2 shampoo/conditoner combos- Nourishing and Intense Nourishing,  the leave in spray and a masque.


Dacey said...

L'oreal is seems to be the best shampoo since it is a international brand and somewhat costlier also but it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals

Natascha said...

I love the EverCreme collection! I have tried the EverPure collection before and already like it a lot, but the EverCreme collection made my hair so soft within such a short time like no other shampoo or conditioner has done before! And it smells AMAZING!