Monday, January 2, 2012

Princess Eugenie dons star stockings

Stockings/tights are the "thing",  we keep hearing. And hey I like them - to a point. And in the UK they are really the thing and have been for awhile. We didn't  jump to this trend on our own you know.  While I'm not much for  sheer nude, I do like a good pattern which brings me to the post's point- these star stockings on Princess Eugenie.

It's rare that I like the York girls style, although I do like them and  never feel any need to emulate them  but the stars? These I love.  I want. Any UK'ers know where they came from ?

Since the 80s I've had a thing for unique printed stockings. In fact I still have a few pair left, some in their packages un-opened.  You know the neon trend for 2012,  well I did neon  back in the day.  Once in the form of lime sheers. Yes I did and I loved them. Managed to stop people in their tracks in the Village in NY and that was not easy to do in those days. I had lime earrings and a top too as I recall so it was a bit OTT.  That was the 80s. God bless them.

So now in the 2010s we are back to printed hose. Looks like I need to shop the UK online a bit more since I don't fit in my maps , pearl beaded or tweed ones anymore.

*** Anyone besides me remember The Sock Shops in NY? They were so damn cool then. I just found a Sock Shop UK online. Oh boy.


Unknown said...

Hello, came across your blog post about the young princess and her stars tights.
Just dropping a message to let you know we stock stars tights in the UK.
We sell them on amazon, ebay and our own webstore.

Just writing up a short blog piece myself about them.

happy new year

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks for the info. Going to check out Vazalla.