Monday, January 9, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Maybelline has a score of new products out and one of my favorites so far is the Dream Bouncy Blush. Many of you will recall the Dream Mousse blush , but for some reason I either never tried it or don't remember using it, so can't compare the two.

Dream Bouncy is, however, quite good. It goes on fairly sheer at first but builds easily and you get nice color with a second layer. It's nice  in  a way that they go on lighter, your blush is not going to look overdone with these unless you really work at it and that can be a good thing.They give you a nice glow, a brightened look for winter.

They also last and for me that unusual with a  cream blush. I rarely use them since they disappear on me literally within minutes sometimes. I have makeup melt prone skin as well as oily. These seem to hold up really well , so if you aren't prone to makeup melt, all the better.

The blush itself is very soft, it has "push" to it where the bounce comes from I guess. So if you rub too hard it will smush a bit. So go gently. That's the only compaint I have here , otherwise I think these are a real winner and  worth looking into you if you love cream blushes and want something new for winter/spring.

Available now.  8 shades in all.


Persephone Hazard said...

Everyone seems to have pretty good things to say about these. I shall have to see if they're doing them over here or not - sometimes our ranges are completely different.

Bruts Bees said...

Fab colors! Im going to have to get me some!

The Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi Persephone. yes there often are diff ranges between countries. And naturally we all want what's on the other side of the pond :)

Hope you find them . It seems like most but not all items eventually end up in UK and US.