Friday, February 10, 2012

Carolee earrings on Revenge / Emily Thorne

Do you love Revenge? The TV show that is . I am totally into it. This week's episode was  amaze but next weeks is the one we've been waiting for since day 1.

Did you notice those great earrings Emily  had on at dinner? I did , and thought they were really nice ,  so I was surprised when the info on them landed in my inbox the next day.

Turns out they are from Carolee and are the Carolee LUX Art Deco Linear Gypsy Earrings. Carolee is always a great choice when you want big but elegant bling  in costume jewelry. And if they're good enough for a multi-millionairess like Emily.... I may not want Emily's life, but I'll take her earrings ( the dress was rather nice too).

Retail is  $95.00  at

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