Wednesday, February 22, 2012

L'Oreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Advanced Skin Repair

L'Oreal's new skincare serum, Age Perfect  Hydra Nutrition  Advanced Skin Repair Serum , has me very  impressed. And I have to say besides the Golden Balms, it's the first L'Oreal in the skincare area that I feel that way about.  For some reason previously I just didn't have much love for their skincare. They got me with the Golden Balms and now this new serum.

I love that for $ 19.99 you can get a good product that works.  I noticed a brighter complexion  the next morning after using it. After more use skin looks brighter yet.  Now it's only a little difference but that's still quite good. The serum is thicker than many I've used , has a lovely citrus-y scent and  moisturizes well. For my combo skin it's enough on it's own. If you have dry skin you may feel you need  more moisture.

L'Oreal says that the serum helps to redensify, hydrate and even out skintones. I haven't used it long enough to talk about skin density ( and I think mine is good to begin with since I don't fall into the "mature" area ) but as I said  I think it does a good job on skintone and  hydrates nicely.  Ingredients include Bio Peptides from their Nutri Repair Complex  and Ceramide Fortifiers.

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