Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MAC Tread Gently & Hush Hush Tendertones from Cook MAC

Tread Gently, Hush Hush
 The new Tendertones are here at last. It was worth the wait. They are as delicious as always. These will be on counter The 9th and you may find them out now.

There are some tiny changes to the shades. Tread Gently is still described as lime green by MAC, which the original was ( but clear on lips) , the new one, or at least mine, is yellow. Hush Hush is sheer  deep gold  and both have  more shimmer than before. A good bit but it doesn't look overdone on the lips at all.

Purring is more bright  tangerine than before( but still very light on) and Hot n Saucy is the very same sheer red it was before . This one shows the most color on lips.

If you haven't tried these before, know that they are very moisturizing, taste awesome , sort of kiwi like, and have SPF 12. They are everyhting you could ever want in a balm except for that have to stick your finger in the pot thing.

$ 15.00


LauraMck said...

Wow these look so pretty:):) I will be certainly picking one or two up the next time I'm in MAC xxx

Beauty Alchemist said...

Enjoy Laura. I gush about them a lot but that's because I really love them.