Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chanel Las Vegas De Chanel Powder and Lips

The rest of the Las Vegas De Chanel collection( I previewed the nail polish earlier this week) is all about the golds and bronze. Basically it's me.  Very, very me. The new Rouge Coco Shine lipstick Brilliant is very reminiscent of one of my very first Chanel lipsticks  and one that remained a favorite  as long as they made it.  New Brilliant is a sheer, sparkly gold ($32.50). It has plenty of shimmer but is not over the top. It looks great on it's own or over deeper shades.

That there is a matching gold lipliner thrills me to no end. I've never seen a rich gold lipliner before. Maybe it's because I never really looked, but this seems unusual to me. Vegas Gold has more pigment than Brilliant lipstick and has enough coverage to be used by itself .( $ 29)

Lastly, but not at all least, is Lucky Stripes Iridescent Powder ($95). This is Pretty with a capitol P. For me this works as a blush and is one I'll be using all  spring and summer long. It leaves a nice wash of shimmering golden bronze on cheeks. Not over bronzed, but just enough  to brighten and give me color. For darker skin tones this may work better as a bronzer or highlighter. Chanel calls it for "eyes and cheeks" but I haven't used it on the eyes yet.

Las Vegas De Chanel is available only online at and at the Wynn and Bellagio Chanel boutiques. It is LE.

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