Saturday, March 10, 2012

Erno Laszlo - The Hollywood Collection

With the Oscars recently past we once again were reminded of Hollywood's glamour. Of  course Hollywood was the most glamourous in the 30s, 40s and 50s. The heyday as it's usually, righfully, called.

Back in those days Erno Laszlo was the skincare secret of  top actresses and  legendary beautys like Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe.

I remember when I read years ago that Garbo favored Laszlo skincare. She always looked luminous on screen Her skin simply glowed and that was in old black and white. Right then I knew it was a line to check out and through the years have used various products.

Now to honor that Holywood heritage, Erno Laszlo has come out with the The Hollywood Collection . Each item is inspired by an actress  who had  loved and used the brand .

It's vintage inspiration but modern and new  formulas and the two I tried are especially nice as the weather gets warmer and you want moisture but maybe in a lighter formula than you used all winter.

The Refresh Moisture Infusion( inspired by Grace Kelly) has a gel-cream hybrid feel.   More cream than gel, but light and very refreshing on skin. You get plenty of hydration but no heavy feel on skin after it sinks in. It's an instant moisture boost using vitamin e, glycerin, and apple fruit extract with  tourmaline for brightening.

The Instant Eye Repair ( inspired by Ava Gardner)  is much the same. Not heavy but not light. It's in the middle, feels good on the eyes and adds moisture and  firms. It has apricot kernal oil, shea butter, vitamin e,  and rosemary . It's deceptively light for a product containing shea butter.

You can buy the products individually or in an set of all 5( trial sizes) for $ 125.00.

Instant eye repair is $ 85
Refresh Moisture Infusion is $125

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