Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dior Swimming Pool & Aurora Quads/Turquoise Liner from Croisette Summer 2012

Dior Summer is almost here , while I don't have definite launch date or prices yet, I do have pictures. As far as I know, these should be out mid April.

 First up are the 2 new eye quads and the new eyeliner.

The Summer line is called Croisette and the blue based quad is Swimming Pool and the golden browns is Aurora. Both are very pretty and the colors especially in Swimming Pool do take you to the azure blue waters  and my swimming pool.  There's something about those colors that even though I am far more in the gold / bronze wearing area, I just love looking at them.  The quads look a little art deco with their fab embossing  for a nice extra touch.

Also new is DiorShow Liner in Turquoise.  This is just that, turquoise and not teal. It's brighter and lighter than any teal . Quite pretty and again, very summery.

All these colors will complement a (self) tan wonderfully and I recall Dior self tanners as being pretty awesome.

A look at the new Eye Glosses coming soon as well as Dior Addict Lip Balm.

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