Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Eye & Lightweight Cream

Last year's Rosa Arctica from Kiehl's was a  dry skinned person's dream cream. While I appreciated the cream, it was far too moisturizing for me. Somehow Kiehl's knew this, I expect  I am not the only oily skinned Rosa Arctica fan out there , and have recently brought out a new Lightweight Cream just for us along with an eye cream.

Both use the Resurrection Flower , a plant known to survive long periods of dehydration yet spring back to life with moisture.

The Lightweight Cream is  a much lighter version  but still packs hydration.  Meant for normal to oily  skin, it sinks in fast and feels lovely on.  And while I don't think I could use it in summer,  I see this as being  one of my winter moisturizers.  It leaves no residue behind , soften skins and is very gentle on skin.

Ingredients include Lavender Oil, White Birch Extract and  Glycerin.

Rosa Arctica Eye  takes the formula  to our eye area, one of the most driest. I don't know about you, but with the temperature changes  for fall,  I am already getting drier at the eyes. This is emollient as well as anti-aging . It seems like this would be mainly a night cream, but I use in day as well. It's very moisturizing  but despite having shea and cocoa butter,  it's not that heavy and sinks in fairly quickly meaning I don't have to wait long to apply makeup.

Other ingredients include White Birch Extract, Squalene, and Mica and Titanium Dioxide for brightening help.

Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream  $60
Rosa Arctica Eye Cream $46

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