Monday, September 3, 2012

St. Tropez Self Tan Gel

I don't subscribe to the summer is over at Labor Day deal. Especially when it's still really warm and humid.    One thing I refuse to give up on is my tan.  My self tan , that is. I'll still be tanning for awhile yet. After all , winter cover of pants and boots is most definitely not here yet.

If you're like me and still holding on that golden glow , one of the best tanning brands has always been St. Tropez. This year  brought out a new gel that gives a deep tan , but not dark and has a built in color guide which helps you see where it as as well as fast bronzing for immediate color. 

The gel dries fast and is easy to apply  and you can use St. Tropez's applicator mitt. As with any self tanner, be sure to get all over for even coverage. Aloe Vera is in there for moisture which also helps with application and  the company has been a pioneer in doing away with the self tanner smell using Aromaguard™ . So yes there is an odor, but not much of one.

Be sure to wait until it's "touch dry" before dressing and  give it 4 hours before getting wet. Then you're ready to go and will have a St. Tropez ready tan in a few hours.  The color guide will shower right off and you'll want to do that before bed.

St. Tropez Self Tanning Gel is $ 35 and Sephora.

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