Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sebastian Trilliance Shine Shampoo/Conditioner


Sebastian has a great product in their Trilliant . It's  heat styling protection and a shine spray with built in little sparkles.  It's nice in that it  doesn't add  extra moisture , so if you've already heavily conditioned, this is great.

Now Sebastian has added to the line with the new Trilliance Shampoo /Conditioner.

Trilliance, is as you would think, all about the shine. Using rock crystal extracts, it amps up shine but I also found it to add a lot of moisture. My hair was very soft but still with plenty of volume and needed minimal leave in conditioner.

The individual products are available now  and  in October the duo is available in this gift set that for $ 25  includes a pair of  rhinestone trimmed sunglasses by  eyewear designer Kerin Rose of a-morir and the new Sebastian Visionary .The glasses have a retro vibe are  good sized and good fun.


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