Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chanel Frivole Joues Contraste Blush- Sping 2013

Continuing  my look at Chanel Spring 2013,  Les Printemps Precieux de Chanel , here is the blush of the collection, Frivole.

Frivole is called a luminous apricot by Chanel, but in the pan it's quite orange. I like orange  and can wear it but at first the brightness gave me pause. Once I tried it, I realized that it's very wearable as it goes on fairly sheer if you use a light hand in applying. It's a lovely shade that brightens you right up , which is nice in winter and will be a great shade for warmer temps into  summer.   Frivole should also be great for deeper skin tones.  There is little shimmer here, more of a  satin finish.

What's odd to me is that with the whole Spring line is based on pinks, beige and plums  and the blush is orange/apricot. It doesn't really go.  While I love the shade, I don't think I would pair it with pink or plum eyes and lips. There are some copper based lipsticks in the collection though ( Captivante Rouge Allure and Attirance Rouge Extrait de Gloss)  and they will be spot on with Frivole.

Frivole Joues Contraste and Chanel Spring will be on counter in January or sooner.

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