Thursday, December 27, 2012

Maybelline Volum'Express The Rocket Mascara

  Maybelline's The Rocket is their newest mascara and is under the Volum'Express line.


It's been awhile since I tried a  Maybelline  mascara and I haven't used the previous Volum'Express like Colossal or Cat Eyes so I can't give a comparison.  I have always liked their One by One mascara , but that's totally different from this one , and a more defined but not bold look mascara.   I can say The Rocket definitely amps up my lashes.

 One coat does  ok, 2 coats is much better, and with that I get  a lot more length than many other formulas and a good bit of volume with very little clumping unless I overapply.  On me , it's a big lash look .Possibly the biggest I've ever gotten with mascara.

The wand is the large rubber type with "micro bristles" per Maybelline.  We see a lot of these wands these days and  I can be hit or miss with those, but this one I like. I found it easy to work with.

The formula here isn't too wet or dry and I haven't had any smudging issues , which is unusual for me with a non waterproof mascara. I get all day wear.  It  does come in waterproof but I have the regular.

 The Rocket gets a big thumbs up from me  .  Available in  three shades in regular and two in waterproof  and on sale now .

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