Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Gifting with Robert Verdi

 Last week I had a chat with the always endearing and funny Robert Verdi about gifts and gifting. Ok, mostly we gabbed about shopping and our dogs  but at some point we did get down to some  gift talk.

One topic- how to make a gift more personalized. Robert feels that often people think  personalizing gifts will take  up more time or more money , but he says, that doesn't have to be the case.

In his recent Tweet This Twitter party one gift vessel was a lacquer Container Store box  filled with a  Moleskine  appointment book and Parker pen.  He said this gift can easily be adapted to any budget. Hit up a Hallmark store or similar and grab a calendar book, and pick a nice pen  from anywhere, Target etc., making sure to remove it from the package ( My pick here- the Stainless Steel Sharpie).  Put them together in the box with tissue and you're done. 

Robert also says , take that same box in multiples and tailor it to your giftee. You can do makeup for the glam gal, or fill the whole box with Hershey Kisses ( I loved this idea) and take it in as the gift for the whole office to enjoy.  For the guys how about filling a tool box  with Gillette  Fusion razors and shave cream along  with soap or shower gel. 

The takeaway- you can buy the boxes ( any nice box, you can find them everywhere from drugstores to craft stores) ,  line them up and fill as you find  the items for each person. Put a bow on it and  gift.

 Photos: Robert Verdi Facebook

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