Monday, March 25, 2013

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer


 Vaseline' s new Spray and Go  lotion is the hot product of the moment , it's getting so much buzz. It's unique ,different and works. A good formula. I fully expect to see it take many honors in beauty awards late this year and next. 

Do any of you remember the spray lotion Bath and Body Works had 10 years ago or so ?  It was  nice but a pump aerosol so different than the Vaseline. Of course it didn't stay in stores for more than a  few seasons so it mustn't have been popular.

I thought then spray lotion was a good idea and I still do.

One of the best features of  the Vaseline  is how fast it dries. In seconds . So fast that you wonder if you really got any moisture, but you know you put it on and your skin feels like it's gotten some hydration so it must be working.

It's lightly moisturizing  , not heavy . It won't take the place of heavier butters and creams but is a dream for people who can't stand having any sticky lotion on them, for times when you need to get out the door fast and want lotion but have to put clothes on immediately and  any other time you 'd like fast drying. The gym, bedtime whatever. It also will be nice in summer when we don't want anything heavy . I use the Aloe Fresh Gel all summer and can see the Spray and Go version of that being great then as well.

The spray comes out pretty strong and in a wide arc. You  then  rub it in skin.

Spray and Go has a twist lock top that opens to spray, twists to close which prevents spillage.

Three versions  : Aloe Fresh, Total Moisture and Cocoa Radiant.  Each are $ 7.99 sugg.  retail .

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