Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nexxus Hydra Light Shampoo & Conditioner

 Nexxus introduced some great new haircare recently with Hydra Light and Youth Renewal.   I've mentioned before how well loved Nexxus is here . Emergencee is a staple and  The Mom swears by Diametress almost to the exclusion of all other shampoos,  although she is liking  new Hydra Light a lot too.

Hydra Light is just what the name implies, a nice dose of moisture without being a heavy shampoo. It's not max hydrating but just right. If you have straw like dry hair it might not be for you. But normal to dry, it should work well. The conditioner is the same. Good conditioning , good moisture that leaves hair feeling soft  .

 Hair has nice volume and fullness after using and isn't weighed down . A not so basic, basic.

The shampoo and conditioner both have coconut oil and sea salt in them  but the shampoo is not sulfate free.

While I tried the shampoo and conditioner, there is also a Root Lift Mist and Leave In Conditioning Foam. Both of which I would be interested in trying too.  Leave In in a foam ? Sounds good.

You can find Nexxus at most  drugstores and Target and can hit up www.nexxus.com for more info.

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