Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jo Malone Sugar and Spice

The new collection from Jo Malone is Sugar and Spice . Much like the tea series of a couple years back there are 5 fragrances all with a gourmand touch  and a reference to a sweet treat.

While I haven't yet tried these and tend not to go for gourmands , these certainly look cute.  My friend in fragrance ,The Minx , had a chance to sniff them at her local Nordstrom , and found them nice enough but not strikingly unique . I wonder if the Bitter Orange and Chocolate will be at all like the late, lamented Fleurs de chocolat chocolate orange products from Fresh ?

Jo Malone Sugar and Spice are LE and are $ 60 each for 30 ml.

Elderflower and Gooseberry
Bitter Orange and Chocolate
Lemon Tart
Ginger Biscuit
Redcurrant and Cream

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