Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nexxus Emergencée Hair Reconstructor

You know what they say, Mother Knows Best. They're right, you know. This case in point involves hair, an area where The Mom is an expert.

One thing I really hadn't ever had much trouble with hair wise was my hair falling out and /or breakage. Now that it's long again that changed and I've been shedding more than the dog. It was driving me crazy and mom noting hair in the kitchen that I left behind, said you need Emergencee.

Emergencee is a product that she's used for decades. Mom knows breakage and  hair coming out. She uses this to keep her hair strong and  more of it on her head. So off I went with the small bottle and instructions to use it after shampooing, leave on 5 minutes minimum and then shampoo again and condition. Done. My hair was more volumized and lo and behold it just hit me yesterday, that I hardly have seen any hair in the sink the past few days.

Emergencee is a  long term leave in and you only use it every 2 weeks . Nexxus calls it a Strengthening Polymeric Reconstructor and it contains  a blend of Polymers, Elastins, Amino Acids and Collagen.

 If you're  prone to breakage or hair falling all over the place you'll hardly find better to fix it up. Mom's the word.

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