Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scunci Ponytailer Bracelet

Now that I have longer hair I  look for fun new hair accessories. Ponytail holders can be boring  but no basic elastics here with the new Scunci Ponytailer Bracelet.

These pony holders have little details like beads or metal accents to take them beyond boring . And if you're one of those people who always keeps an elastic around their wrist for just in case hair moments ?  Well these look much better than those plain ones we all have so many of.   That's where the bracelet name comes in. While there might not quite make a "bracelet" on their own, as a wrist accessory that doubles as a hair one, or vice versa, it's pretty good.

Ponytailer Bracelets are $ 3.99  and available at Wal Mart and CVS  in nine color/styles.

You can see styling ideas at Scunci's Facebook page

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