Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ali's Collection Celestial Druzy Ring

Druzy is a stone I've been seeing a lot of places lately and I know QVC especially seems to do a lot with it.

Well if you love druzy and want a  lovely piece without breaking the bank, try this Celestial Ring from Ali's Collection.

 This was my first druzy piece and the stone was far prettier and had more sparkle in person that I expected. It looks bold on the hand  and makes a statement. It's rainbow druzy in a gold plated setting and is adjustable. The pictures really don't  do it justice.

Ali's Collection is a line of handmade pieces from  Alicia Mohr , a Chicago based jewelry designer who uses mostly natural stones and loves bright color. Her pieces are organic and easy to wear  . 

 She first came on my radar last year with her big and beautiful Agate Cuff . 

Celestial Druzy Ring measures about 3/4" long by 1/2" wide and is $ 40.

You can find it and all Ali's Collection at


theminx said...

A warning to people interested in buying rings with druzy-type stones on top (druzy is merely a type of fine crystal formation, not really a stone in itself; most druzies that end up in jewelry are forms of quartz)...don't wear them with synthetic clothing, particularly pants or skirts, and never wear pantyhose or tights unless you want to snag the heck out of them. Druzy earrings will do the same damage to scarves.

The stuff is pretty, but personally, I don't think it belongs on non-necklace jewelry, and even then it can mess up a blouse.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks Minx . It definitely has a rough top , but so far I haven't snagged a thing. I see where that could happen though.