Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bath & Body Works Lambies Return Holiday 2012

Lambies  are back. Many of us missed them in their absence from Bath and Body Works holiday collection and now they are back. I do not have images yet but  show what previous years have looked like.   I do have descriptions .

 Lambies, if you  don't know are super soft , comfy slippers and there is also a plush  animal.  I love my slippers but after 2  years  they  need replaced, so this is happy news.  The ballet slipper style has been the most constant design , so I think that's what we'll see but I  can't say for sure.

Per BBW:

Lambie Slippers ($16.50): The perfect combination of comfy and cute, these slippers make winter days spent indoors extra cozy. Back by popular demand, the cult favorite slippers are the gift on everyone’s list.

Lambie Plushes ($9.50): Cuddle up with the season’s most adored companion—Bath &Body Works’ huggable, ultra-soft lambies.

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