Saturday, October 13, 2012

LUSH Twilight Shower Gel

You don't have to be  a TwiHard to love this new shower gel from LUSH but if you are, it might make it all the more buy-able.

Twilight by LUSH is a new gel for the  Holiday season but I also think it is very much for Halloween as well.   It's  deep purple in color and smells like smoky lavender and tonka. It's not girly, but the more herbal lavender, so perfectly unisex but there is shimmer in the gel. It washes off,  but just so you know . You can just  see in the picture  that it does have a pearlescent look .

Lavender is traditonally a relaxing scent so this is great for bedtime or alternately, stressed and harried mornings.

3.3 oz $ 9.95
8.8 oz $ 18.95

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