Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bobbi Brown Holiday Eye & Lip Mini Palettes

Part of  Bobbi Brown's holiday line are these two  LE new mini palettes, small enough to fit anywhere.

I love mini palettes and haven't seen any in awhile. I had  one from Ultima II ( yes I'm going way back here)  that was literally credit card size. It was the  thickness of 3 cards and the size otherwise was the same. It was genius and held shadows, lipstick and a blush.

I seem to recall mini ones from I think Hard Candy in the mid 90s as well.

Now we have the Bobbi Brown Eye and Lip Palettes. There are two color themes, nude and pink, featuring some new colors along with favorites.  These are great for carrying everyday in your purse, stashing in a drawer or grabbing for a day trip or weekend outing.

Nice stocking stuffers too.

Uber Nude Lip &Eye Palette-
Navajo Eye Shadow
Downtown Eye Shadow (New)
Espresso Eye Shadow
Uber Beige Lip Color
Blushed Heather Glitter Lip Gloss (New)
Nude Glitter Lip Gloss

Atomic Pink Lip & Eye Palette-
White Eye Shadow
Cement Metallic Eye Shadow (New)
Eclipse Eye Shadow
Pale Mauve Lip Color
Atomic Pink Lip Gloss (New)
Pink Popsicle Lip Gloss


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