Monday, October 29, 2012

Softsoap Wintermint Wonderland & Enchanting Sugar Plum Body Washes

I said in summer when I tried the then new releases for the season how  amazing Softsoap's scents are. I've  almost finished Tropical Twist and I'll miss it.  It smelled so good.

But winter brings new and wonderful scents  like Wintermint Wonderland and Enchanting Sugar Plum.  Both of these smell delicious and are LE just like the summer ones were.

I have to say , too, that I love the festive labels that give that bathroom a little cheer .

Wintermint Wonderland  is a creamy wash that is super peppermint-y with a little vanilla. If this doesn't  wake you, nothing will.

Sugar Plum is a  gel with moisture beads  and smells like a sweet berry blend . Nutcracker Suite all the way.

Both are available only at Wal Mart now through the end of December and are $ 3.48 each .

I also  noted , gladly, when reading the bottle- made in USA.  You have to check everything these days even shower gel.

*** press sample for review

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