Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chanel Coco Noir

It's taken me awhile to finally try Chanel's newest , Coco Noir.  I originally posted the notes and info back in August pre-release. I said then that  I was hoping/thinking of a spicy, rich oriental fragrance  to go with the Noir.

 I wore  the original Coco in my late teens, which oddly enough even though I love it, I now find is not so much for me.  Well, while Coco Noir is  pretty, it's different from my speculations.

Coco Noir has a great deal of plummy ,blackberry notes  that gives it a rich jam feel, not too sweet, not like the super  fruity fragrances out there, but more like   slightly decayed fruit .  It then moves into a lot of patchouli. I like patchouli, but if it's not your favorite note, then you may not be happy with this. The patchouli is predominant but the  vanilla listed in the notes appears lightly along with  hints of the rose geranium . Tonka bean ,  frankincense and a helping of musk round out the drydown.   This is not a spicy fragrance overall, but the spices are in there.

 Then there is the bottle and this is where it really shines.  The bottle is truly a thing of beauty. Chic and dark,  no matter what, you will want this bottle. It seems a simple thing, a black bottle , right ? But in Chanel's hands it is so much more. It's everything your vanity could ask for .

I have a feeling Coco Noir will be the fragrance on holiday wishlists.  So far not one person I have asked to sniff this hasn't loved it, even my Dad.  My bestie has been planning on buying a bottle as soon as she gets to a counter .  Note, she is a huge musk fan.

While I would have loved something a bit more dramatic, if people get drawn more to the Chanel fragrance counter, that is still a good thing.

Chanel Coco Noir is $ 98 for 50 ml  , $ 130 for 100ml

Full Note List:


Grapefruit note

Calabrian Bergamot


Essence and Absolute of Rose
Absolute of Jasmine
Narcissus Note 
Rose Geranium Leaf


Brazilian and Venezuelan Tonka Bean
Indonesian Patchouli
New Caledonian Sandalwood
Bourbon Vanilla
White Musk Frankincense


Anonymous said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! It's on my Christmas Wishlist!

Anonymous said...

First time visitor. I'm glad I clicked the embedded links within your text as I feel the write-up alone (on the Moisturizing Body Lotion in this fragrance family) was lacking--so thank you for connecting them.
I do not like the smell of patchouli and yet, this fragrance is on my favorites list. I get more compliments about this fragrance than any other. Strange, I suppose, but worth mentioning.
For budget conscious shoppers, the lotion is plenty and powerful. It can be used as a stand-alone product for fragrance. A little goes a long way.