Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chanel debuts Inside Chanel - The Short Film

Chanel has released  fascinating new video series, Inside Chanel.  Fascinating because we all love Chanel and  the history of Chanel and the times is always interesting.  The first movie "The First Time" details all the firsts of Chanel  N°5  from it's creation to the many timeless ads we know so well.

Many ads  got a smile from me as they brought me back to adolescence and my teens. And of course there is the  gorgeous La Piscine one with the azure blue swimming pool. No doubt or surprise  that it's my favorite. What I did not know- it was directed by Ridley Scott.

You can notice with a start that in the 1973  commercial by Helmut Newton with Catherine Deneuve, "Whisper" a body powder and cologne sold for $13. What a bargain by today's market.

 Deneuve was possibly  the most perfect "face" for the perfume but Carole Bouquet made a mark as well.

They're all there as well as many vintage photos  and they also do a nice explantion of what aldehydes are .

Give it a look at:

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