Friday, October 19, 2012

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle- Holiday 2012

Ginger Sparkle is  a new scent for holiday from The Body Shop. Now , in my opinion, The Body Shop has always done some of the very best holiday scents. I still want  their Cranberry Joy every year , it being a very top favorite of mine  since it was first released.  But more on Cranberry Joy in a separate post.

We're talk zippy Ginger Sparkle here and it smells truly delish. Very ginger ale like but warmer and with more spice. Ginger root oil and extract are in there. I think it's pretty much the same scent new name, as last year's wonderful Candied Ginger.

 I show the Body Polish And Lip Balm here. There are also the usual products -rich  Body Butter, Shower Gel, Soap and more in all the holiday scents.

The Body Polish, if you haven't tried it  , it's not too coarse using walnut shell powder for an exfoliant . It can be used as a shower gel almost , yes it scrubs, but not harshly and has oils for moisture. 

The Lip Balm is a dome style like EOS  and has that same great ginger scent, but not as strong as they body products. Most would think that good, I would have loved a bigger ginger punch but that's me. The Body Shop's lip balms are always good, giving plenty of moisture . There are some  sparkle pieces  in this, not tons but they are there. 

You can find most of the new holiday line online at and in stores.

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