Friday, October 5, 2012

Victoria's Secret Seduction- Dark Orchid

Victoria's Secret has been  a little inspired it seems by the whole 50 Shades.. phenomenon.  Their new scent for fall and holiday gifting is Victoria's Secret Seduction - Dark Orchid.

Victoria's Secret describes it  as being all about sexy decadence and that the wearer is  a glamorous provocateur  .

But what does it smell like, I bet you really want to know ? It's quite pretty and begins with plummy notes of cassis and plum  with a little citrus from bergamot and yuzu.  It then works it's way to being a light, woodsy warm amber with oud, tonka and cashmere woods along  with some dewy florals  including Midnight Orchid,  as well as a good dose of musks.

The Oud note here is not strong nor too smoky. It's just adds a hint of depth . I find this  well put together and  while I wouldn't have minded a bit more smoke , I think it will appeal to many.

The packaging here is the nicest they've done since the Parfums Intime line , in my opinion. Right off,  the box is beautiful with the colors and even the font text appealing. You then find the deep plum glass  bottle  tucked into a slot.

This is  to be the first in a series I believe , as it's called their first "Seduction" and the box is labeled No.1 .

Full note list :

Crème de Cassis, Blood Orange,
Victoria Plum, Pineapple Blossom,
Bergamot, Yuzu Zest

Jasmine, Red Ginger Orchid,
Dark Red Calla Lilies,
Midnight Orchid, Muguet Petals

Smooth Warm Amber, Oud Wood,
Tonka Beans, Amber Crystals,
Cashmere Woods, Creamy Musk

·    Eau de Parfum, .85 oz./$39
·    Eau de Parfum, 1.7 oz./$55
·    Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz./$75
·    Fragrance Mist, 8.4 oz./$25
·    Fragrance Lotion, 9.3 oz./$25
·    Fragrance Candle, 14 oz./$30

Victoria's Secret Seduction- Dark Orchid will in stores on October the 9th.

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